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"Joe is an excellent physical therapist with many years of experience. He helped in prescribing physical therapy specific to neck & back pain I had years ago. Over the course of treatment, following his guidance, I was much improved. His entire practice was always warm & welcoming, as well as, accommodating to my schedule & needs. I highly recommend Movement Specialist. "
May 14, 2020
"After visiting an orthopedic surgeon and being diagnosed with several herniated discs in my neck, I began treatment with Dr. Squatrito. In the beginning, I could barely turn my head and wasn’t sure I would ever have full range of movement, but within a few short months, I could move freely and drive normally once again. I highly recommend Dr. Squatrito and can’t thank him enough for helping me return to a pain-free life."
Apr 24, 2020
"I’m been to Joe for Physical Therapy many times for different things back, feet, etc. Always with very good results! Recommend him to others who were satisfied also!"
Apr 23, 2020