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"Joe and Lane are very nice and very knowledgeable of their craft. They have a rapport with each client that makes each feel very important. They honestly evaluate you and monitor your performance of their recommended exercises. I appreciated their appointment reminders too. I highly recommend their services."
May 05, 2021
"Best experience with Movement Specialists for therapy on my neck and lower back. The place is new, welcoming, and the location is great. Dr. Joe is very personable and in touch with your needs. He provides the excellent care you expect when going to physical therapy. I highly recommend Dr. Joseph Squatrito. "
Mar 17, 2021
"Staff is very friendly and professional. Facility is very clean and welcoming. Accommodating with your schedule. Explaining your issues and steps fully. I wouldn’t want to go any place else and I would definitely recommend. "
Dec 24, 2020
"I have been Joe’s client for some years and am currently receiving physical therapy for multiple back fractures. I am receiving top care which is helping me so much. Joe is an excellent physical therapist and I highly recommend him!"
Sep 26, 2020
"Joe is the best physical therapist that I have ever been to. I recently had a total knee replacement and Joe has been so patient working with me. He is always full of energy when I come in for my visits and motivates me to push hard. I am progressing ahead of schedule and I know Much credit goes to Joe. He is great at what he does and has so much knowledge. Do yourself a favor and call Joe if you need a physical therapist, you won’t regret it. He gives you the one on one quality time that you deserve. "
Jul 02, 2020
"I had a really bad ankle sprain/stress fracture from basketball. Doctor Joseph gave me confidence and helped me with my healing process. It has been 7 weeks since my injury and I am now able to play beach volleyball without any problem. His office space is the perfect size, it’s clean, and he has nice equipment. He’s a great guy and I recommend him 100%. Great 7week experience and great recovery process. "
Jun 30, 2020
"I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and have never been to Physical Therapy. I am so pleased after seeing Joe at Movement Specialist. He is doing a great job at improving my issue and makes me comfortable when I visit. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. His facility is very neat and clean which is so important these days. I actually look forward to my appointments. "
Jun 29, 2020
"After years experience, Dr. Squatrito opened his own practice. I’ve been receiving lower back and neck therapy and happily feeling much satisfaction. His office is brand new and very welcoming He has the greatest bedside manner and doesn’t mind my noises! Haha. I highly recommend him!"
Jun 09, 2020
"Joe is an excellent physical therapist with many years of experience. He helped in prescribing physical therapy specific to neck & back pain I had years ago. Over the course of treatment, following his guidance, I was much improved. His entire practice was always warm & welcoming, as well as, accommodating to my schedule & needs. I highly recommend Movement Specialist. "
May 14, 2020
"After visiting an orthopedic surgeon and being diagnosed with several herniated discs in my neck, I began treatment with Dr. Squatrito. In the beginning, I could barely turn my head and wasn’t sure I would ever have full range of movement, but within a few short months, I could move freely and drive normally once again. I highly recommend Dr. Squatrito and can’t thank him enough for helping me return to a pain-free life."
Apr 24, 2020
"I’m been to Joe for Physical Therapy many times for different things back, feet, etc. Always with very good results! Recommend him to others who were satisfied also!"
Apr 23, 2020